Chucky Chucky L. L. sellin' out for space bug genocide

 "If I win your t-shirt design contest, just gimmie unlimited free plays of Galaga on your arcade machine. Thanks and good luck to everyone else who thinks they can beat me."


Watta Maroon!

Chuck L. Buckets Jr. has been spotted in Guelph, Ontario. He has been contributing fart, dink and condiment cartoon gags to the Guelph Comic Jam, alongside Original Group of $even pallies Jay and Marc, a ninja turtles enthusiast, one soggy macbook, a bunch of overpriced drinks, and other people who like to draw.

Flubby chunters everywhere!


Rad T Shirtz

for doy-yoys and doyees. fax me to order your copy brah - it is real book

"This fully authorized reimagining of the Me Generation's spiritual manifesto presents the original text subtly altered to tell a story about people instead of seagulls."
56 Pages, 25+ Illustrations, Paperback, 2013. Cheap as possible.
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Not another stupid ketchup gag